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ViiLaa Metal Material:

We are a leading global high-quality supplier of Rare metals.We are mainly engaged in the R&D and production of high-performance rare metals and their compound products, including rare metal hydrides, borides, nitrides, high-purity anhydrous chlorides, high-purity rare metals and other materials. We have successfully solved the problem of "bottlenecks" of key domestic raw materials in China,and were selected into the list of Jiangxi Province's scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, and provincial "specialized, special and innovative" enterprises.

High-tech rare metal materials from ViiLaa Metal

We can provide you with rare earth, tin, titanium, zirconium, hafnium, vanadium, tantalum, niobium and other metal and compound powders. We can also develop the best alloy powder for you. Please contact us!

Our products: Unrivaled in your industry

We provide high-quality rare metal products for your individual applications. You can rely on our expertise to explore the endless possibilities of rare metal products.

Grain Boundary Diffusion(GBD)

Hydride diffusion source for NdFeB grain boundary ...

Scintillation crystal

High-purity anhydrous chloride is the raw material...

Our products for your sector

Thanks to its unique properties, rare metals are indispensable in many key industries. Below is an overview of sectors that make use of high-quality products from ViiLaa Metal.

Metallurgical Industry

Rare metals are vital to the metallurgical industry. Due to the special electronic structure effect, coordination effect and crystal structure effect of rare metals, they can be appropriately added during the metallurgical process to improve the physical and chemical properties of the alloy.

New Energy Industry

Rare earth permanent magnet materials are indispensable key raw materials for manufacturing drive motors for energy vehicles.

Chemical Industry

Rare earths have excellent diffusion channels and many active sites. They can be used directly as catalysts or as cocatalysts to improve the catalyst's activity, anti-aging ability and anti-poisoning ability.

Hydrogen Storage Industry

Rare earth hydrogen storage alloys are considered to have the best performance among all hydrogen storage alloys. Because of their fast absorption and release rates, they are very suitable for use in room temperature environments.

Semiconductor Industry

High-purity rare metal and alloy sputtering targets have become key core materials for many functional materials and devices, and are widely used in the field of integrated circuits.

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